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Law & Political Review is an Annual e-Journal of Law, Public Policy & Political Science bearing ISSN: 2581-7191. The Journal covers contemporary issues of Law, Public Policy & Politics and is not limited to any specific topic or subject.

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The Use of Forensic Evidence in Criminal Trials

The importance of forensic evidence in criminal investigations and trials is rising. It is an essential technique for connecting criminal suspects to crimes and can be used to determine guilt or innocence. The use of forensic evidence in criminal proceedings is, however, sometimes a contentious and complicated topic. This study will look at how India’s

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Religion of Beef

Beef in India has always been a point of discussion, owing to its religious values. The article talks about problems, and at last possible solution to decrease the ultimate conflicts existing between certain scats due to beef. There have been certain important case laws decided by Honorable Supreme Court regarding beef and its points. Some

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Customs: The Human Metamorphosis

This paper primarily is attempting to enhance the understanding of how a custom begins, and the journey of that custom until it becomes useless. This paper is to understand how to determine if a custom is relevant in the modern times, and to know if it has not become toxic adherence to some law which

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Hindu Beliefs and Abortion Laws in India

This research explores Hindu traditions and beliefs on abortion. According to Hinduism, abortion is the worst sin a woman can commit since it breaks the cycle of reincarnation and reduces Dharma. Going back in time, we eventually reach the current abortion law in India, where it is permitted under specific circumstances. The decision to have

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