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Law & Political Review is an Annual e-Journal of Law, Public Policy & Political Science bearing ISSN: 2581-7191. The Journal covers contemporary issues of Law, Public Policy & Politics and is not limited to any specific topic or subject.

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Hindu Beliefs and Abortion Laws in India

This research explores Hindu traditions and beliefs on abortion. According to Hinduism, abortion is the worst sin a woman can commit since it breaks the cycle of reincarnation and reduces Dharma. Going back in time, we eventually reach the current abortion law in India, where it is permitted under specific circumstances. The decision to have

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Anti-Competitive Agreements

In a constantly evolving economic scenario, the need for enactment of competition laws became apparent, The Competition Act of 2002 has been implemented to promote competition and ensure freedom of business. One of the major objectives of the competition act is to ensure that the concentration of economic power does not reside in the hands

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Residuary Powers: A Weapon to Dominate the States

“Indian constitution is federal in nature” and whenever it comes to law making, we can ascertain the fact that India has two tier governance I.e, the central government and state government . The main aim is to give autonomy to states and centre when it comes to exercise powers on certain subject matters by adopting

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