Uttarakhand Uniform Civil Code: Its Strengths and Weaknesses

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Journal Title: Law & Political Review
Author(s): Deepika Verma & Anil Kumar Dixit
Published On: 15/05/2024
Volume: 9
First Page: 37
Last Page: 49
ISSN: 2581-7191
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

DOI: 10.55662/LPR.2024.901

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Deepika Verma & Anil Kumar Dixit, Uttarakhand Uniform Civil Code: Its Strengths and Weaknesses, Volume 9, Law & Political Review, 37-49, Published on 15/05/2024, 10.55662/LPR.2024.901 Available at https://lpr.thelawbrigade.com/article/uttarakhand-uniform-civil-code-its-strengths-and-weaknesses/


Uttarakhand, post-independence, stands as the first state in India to adopt the uniform civil code legislation. On February 7, 2024, the Legislative Assembly of Uttarakhand passed the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) Bill, receiving successive approval from President Droupadi Murmu on March 13. The Uttarakhand UCC statute is put together into four segments. The primary part pertains to pronouncement concerning marriage and divorce, the second part mark succession, covering both intestate and testamentary scenarios. The third part focuses on live-in relationships, while the fourth part deals with repeals. Its jurisdiction extent across Uttarakhand and circumscribe residents of the state residing beyond its borders.

Keywords: Uttarakhand Uniform Civil Code, Strengths, Weaknesses.

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