A Legal Anatomy of Ethno-Religious Intolerance Ravaging Nigeria Economy

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Journal Title: Law & Political Review
Author(s): Raphael Olukayode Adeolu
Published On: 28/09/2023
Volume: 8
First Page: 145
Last Page: 160
ISSN: 2581-7191
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Raphael Olukayode Adeolu, A Legal Anatomy of Ethno-Religious Intolerance Ravaging Nigeria Economy, Volume 8, Law & Political Review, 145-160, Published on 28/09/2023, Available at https://lpr.thelawbrigade.com/article/a-legal-anatomy-of-ethno-religious-intolerance-ravaging-nigeria-economy/


Nigeria is a country that has more than 250 ethnic groups. It has many languages and religions. The rate of ethno-religious crises in Nigeria has recently increased because of the political effect of ethnicity and religion. This is evident in the level of destruction of lives and property emanating from restiveness developing from ethnicity and religion. Conflicts bred from a large number of agitating groups, kidnapping and banditry are compounding the problem of the nation. The provisions of the country’s constitution on fundamental objectives and directive principles of state policy are unequivocal. Implementation of these objectives and other legal frameworks against ethnicity and religious bigotry is sacrosanct to achieve good governance. Besides, the bulk of the nation’s wealth is lost to prevent and fight ethnicity and religious bigotry. This paper has examined international, regional and local frameworks and the involvement of ethno-religious intolerance in governance in Nigeria. The paper relied on primary and secondary sources of information which were given content analysis. These include international, regional and local legal frameworks, judicial authorities, textbooks, journals, and internet materials among others. The paper discovered that it is very expensive to maintain peace and tranquility, especially in a nation having more than 250 ethnic groups and several religions. Despite being blessed with enough human and natural resources, the country’s progress, and political and economic growth are still being affected by unnecessary sentiments, lack of peaceful coexistence, and insecurity among others. The paper concluded that Nigeria can use the opportunity of its diverse tribes, languages and religions to make progress rather than using it to develop sentiment, hatred and unhealthy rivalry. Besides, there are defective legal frameworks and poor implementation of laws that could have nipped ethnicity and religious bigotry in the bud. Consequently, they need to be reviewed and applied to prevent further hindrance of the economy by ethnicity and religious bigotry which is calling for serious attention by the concerned people in the country. The resultant effects of the crises have affected the economy, politics and societal interaction of the nation.

Keywords: Corruption, Ethnicity, Religion, Hegemony, Language, Discrimination, Peace, Tribalism, Human Rights, Freedom

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