Addressing the Challenge of Over-Voting in Nigeria: A Hindrance to True Democracy in a Technological Age

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Journal Title: Law & Political Review
Author(s): Erastus C. Awortu
Published On: 25/02/2022
Volume: 7
First Page: 24
Last Page: 43
ISSN: 2581-7191
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Erastus C. Awortu, Addressing the Challenge of Over-Voting in Nigeria: A Hindrance to True Democracy in a Technological Age, Volume 7, Law & Political Review, 24-43, Published on 25/02/2022, Available at


A strengthened electoral process and system generates more acceptance of the final outcome of elections which the masses believe to be a reflection of their mandate. Election rigging has become electoral culture in Nigeria despite the introduction of electronic card readers, and technological forms of global, as well as national electoral observance. Desperation to hold offices has caused politicians to perpetrate acts which continue to claim the lives and liberties of electorates and diminish voters’ confidence and popular choice. Eradication of over-voting, the strengthening of manpower conservation and protection of the constitutional rights of electorates are amongst reasons for seeking modern ways to tackle the challenge of over-voting through the use of technology. This study identified that in proving over-voting, voter’s register is the foundation of any competent election in any society. Therefore, the introduction and application of technology in planning, conducting and concluding elections cannot be over-emphasized. Despite negative arguments over some aspects of e-elections, a conglomeration of the use of technology in channelling complications from manual voting to e-elections in Nigeria have become a necessity. Nigeria cannot consciously stay behind in the global technological movement which can profit her democratic system.

Keywords: Election, Democracy, Over-voting, Technology.

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